School administrator shows lack of respect |

School administrator shows lack of respect

While visiting Eagle Valley High School this past weekend in support of my grandson, who was playing on the visiting basketball team, I was appalled to observe the EVHS Athletic Director’s lack of respect for the flag and national anthem.

During the singing of the national anthem by one of their students, the AD stood with one leg on the floor and the other knee propped in a chair slouched over doodling on something in front of her on the scorer’s table for the entire singing of the song, except for the very last line, when she finally straightened up and looked at the flag. Her conduct was totally inappropriate and shameful.

For one who should be an example to the students, and failed miserably, I can only hope that this cavalier attitude of one administrator, during what should be a solemn and proud moment, is hers alone, and is not indicative of the remainder of the administration and student body of Eagle Valley High School. It was a definitive black eye for EVHS on this day.

Hopefully someone in a position of authority at EVHS will reaffirm to the staff that they are held to certain standards and should exemplify proper codes of conduct to the students they teach.

Rich Fuller

Vietnam Vet

Delta, CO

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