School board candidate Dan Reynolds in his own words |

School board candidate Dan Reynolds in his own words

Local attorney wants to help equip students with skills, knowledge to succeed in all endeavors

Dan Reynolds

The Vail Daily is running Q&As with the 11 candidates running for five seats on the Eagle County Schools’ Board of Education. The questionnaires will run in the order that the candidates appear on the ballot. All school directors are voted on at-large in the county election, meaning eligible electors of the school district vote for one candidate from each director district. Ballots will be mailed out Oct. 8.

Name: Dan Reynolds

Occupation: Attorney

Place of residence: Edwards

Length of residence in Eagle County: 17 years

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Director District: District G: Avon Elementary, Brush Creek Elementary, Eagle Valley Elementary, Edwards Elementary, Homestake Peak School, Berry Creek Middle School, Battle Mountain High School and Eagle Valley High School

Have you served on any other boards/commissions/councils in Eagle County or otherwise? I served as a director on the board of the Vail Valley Young Professional Association.

Tell us about your volunteer experiences, involvement in education and service to the community that you live. How will these experiences enable you to bring value to the board? In 2012, I founded the Vail Valley Young Professionals Association. As a board member, I volunteered at ERWSD’s Community Pride Highway Cleanup, The Family Learning Center, and Habitat for Humanity.

While our two boys attended Edwards Elementary School, I volunteered at Wild West Day and chaperoned several field trips.

Through these different experiences, I have learned that work of all kinds reflects our dignity and worth as human beings. Now in whatever I do, I’m committed to being as skillful, diligent, savvy and disciplined as I can possibly be, and I intend to bring these same values to the school board.

What has been your interaction thus far with Eagle County School district? Since 2013, our boys have been educated in the school district.

Recently, I have met with teachers, staff and school board members to discuss pressing problems in our school district. I have a lot to learn about our school district’s goals, budget and policies, but I am a keen listener and student of the avenues for improvement.

What is the value that you will bring to the school board? As a transactional attorney in the Vail Valley for the past 15 years, my goal is to provide quality, cost-effective advice and reach a mutually agreeable resolution to the issue. Similarly, the role of a school board member is to exercise oversight and respect the voices of the teachers, staff, parents and students in a way that paves every student’s path to success.

If elected, I will listen to and analyze our community’s concerns and comments and regularly monitor the fiscal health of the school district to implement policies that will ensure success for all our students.

Why do you want to serve on the school board? As a product of public education, I am grateful for that experience. I am running for the school board to provide our students with the best education possible and equip them to succeed in all their endeavors.

I also want our community and students to gain a better sense of the intrinsic value of public education. Diversity in the public schools provides an invaluable learning experience that builds a skill base for real-world challenges and opportunities.

What has the current school board done well? And what could it have done better? With the right precautions, I believe we could have made more of an effort to provide our students with in-person instruction last year. However, the current school board has learned from that experience and has now made in-person instruction a priority, which I applaud.

If elected, what’s the main thing you’d like to see the school board accomplish throughout your term? I want our parents to get more involved in the education of their children. Parent engagement in schools will help cultivate better student behavior, higher academic achievement and enhanced social skills.

Over the past few years, Eagle County Schools has prioritized equity practices in its classrooms. Do you feel that the district is equally serving the needs of all students? What could it do better to address any achievement gaps between students? I want our school district to focus on implementing policies that will ensure success for all students. I want our students to strive for greatness, a common standard that challenges people of all backgrounds to achieve their potential.

What advancements can be made to address staffing challenges within the school district? We need to attract more guest, parent and substitute teachers to participate in the education of our children, so our full-time teachers are rested and ready to do what they do best.

What specific improvements would you like to see made in the area of student learning/curriculum? I want our school district to measure student achievement in character traits like honesty, responsibility, self-discipline, compassion and courage, so that our students will achieve greater academic successes.

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