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Eagle Valley High School presents Shrek, the musical, this week. Show will be Thursday night through Saturday, at 7pm each night.
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In a faraway kingdom turned upside down, things got ugly when an unseemly ogre showed up to rescue a feisty princess.

Throw in a donkey who won’t shut up, a bad guy with a short temper, a cookie with an attitude and more than a dozen other fairy tale misfits, and you’ve got the kind of mess that calls for a real hero. Luckily, there was one on hand.

“Shrek the Musical” was part romance, part twisted fairy tale, and completely fun as presented last weekend at Eagle Valley High School.

Shrek the Musical Cast and Crew

Shrek – Jet Quealy

Fiona – Jessica Long

Donkey – Matt Genelin

Lord Farquaad – Matthew Cirkovic

Gingy – Reagen Gass

Pinocchio – Michael Marx

Dragon – Madison Baldwin

Young Fiona – Brooke Cabin

Teen Fiona/Dragon Minion – Lindsay Poff

Mama Ogre/Dragon Minion – Hanna Foster

Papa Ogre/Guard – Dylan Harvey

King/Guard – James Wuenon

Queen/Duloc – McKayla Gardoni

Captain of the Guards – Trevor Borasio

Bishop/Thelonius – Cesar Fernandez

Sugar Plum Fairy – Morgan Genelin

Mama Bear – Jaycey Beard

Papa Bear – Jay Neal

Baby Bear – Taylor Claydon

Humpty Dumpty – Marisol Chacon

Ugly Duckling – Montana Gubrud

Three Little Pigs – Alexander Barry, Keith Buckelew, Theo Nanin

Wicked Witch – Alyssa Nudell

White Rabbit – Samantha Pritchard

Peter Pan – Laura Claydon

Pied Piper – Ginny Miller

Elf – Kaitlyn Laidman

Fairy Godmother – McKensey Matthews

Mad Hatter – Tori Williams

Big Bad Wolf – Gino Giovagnoli

Tweedle Dee – Cheryl Kline

Three Blind Mice – Morgan Felton, Katie Andrews, Karla Robledo Barba

Rat/Duloc Dancers – Kenna Keller, Elle Turnipseed

Duloc Dancers – Alli Armstrong, Camilee Blose, Mary Brudwick, Zoe Ramsay

Duloc Dancer/Happy People – Jenna Buffington, Kylie King

Duloc Dancer/Sign Bearer – Belkis Palacios Bahr

Duloc Greeter – Madeline Dougherty

Grumpy Farquaad’s Dad – Trevor Hutchins

Guard – Willie Thrasher

Happy People – Jessica Nock

Young Shrek – Gavin Doan

Cow – Betta Novak

Dishes – Maggie Gliman, Carly Volkmer

Spoons – Tiffany Sheehy, Nikki Cunning


Stage Manager – Jenna Jay

Crew – Carly Matthews, Kayla Brito, Shelby Cramer, Kathrin Dade, Rylee Ellsworth, Kayla Robinson

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