Snow update: 5 inches and counting on Vail Mountain |

Snow update: 5 inches and counting on Vail Mountain

Vail Mountain's mid mountain snowskate camera as of 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday.

Vail Mountain closed the ski day on Tuesday with 5 inches of fresh powder on the snowstake, and the flakes were still flying.

Meteorologist Dennis Phillips with the National Weather Service in Grand Junction described the storm as a “quick shot” which is moving though the area fast but dropping lots of snow.

A family poses for a photo along Gore Creek in Vail Village on Tuesday.
John LaConte/

“It’s exceeding expectations in several places,” Phillips said. “Steamboat and the northern valleys got as much as 6 inches.”

Phillips said with the Pacific Northwest getting blasted with snow currently (Crystal Mountain in Washington reported 16 inches of new snow on Tuesday morning), the Rocky Mountains could continue to receive snow if those storms drop to the south.

“Right now, the pattern isn’t too favorable for that, but we’ll take what we can get for now,” Phillips said. “The next shot could be towards the weekend, this one might make it a little farther south.”

Snowboarders and skiers walk along the snowy path between Vail and Golden Peak villages on Tuesday.
John LaConte/
A view from the Northwoods Express (No. 11) on Vail Mountain on Tuesday.
John LaConte/
Sheika Gramshammer took a few moments away from the Pepi's restaurant and the Gastof Gramshammer to check out the falling snow on Tuesday.
John LaConte/
Kevin Christ of Los Amigos said the snow added a nice ambiance to the restaurant’s outdoor bar.
John LaConte/

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