Snowsports Industries, Neguse applaud US rejoining Paris climate accord |

Snowsports Industries, Neguse applaud US rejoining Paris climate accord

Congressman Joe Neguse (right of center, under the flag) at the 2019 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Madrid, Spain.
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Snowsports Industries America applauded President Joe Biden’s action to rejoin the Paris Climate Accord on Wednesday.

Biden’s executive order to rejoin the U.S. into the agreement was one of his first actions taken after being inaugurated. The Paris Climate Accord is a nonbinding agreement which nations seeking to reduce their carbon emissions have joined, and from which President Trump withdrew the U.S. in 2017.

“Snowsports Industries America thanks President Biden for his urgency to address the climate crisis, and we applaud his decision to re-enter the Paris Climate Agreement today,” SIA President Nick Sargent said in a statement. “Our businesses operate on a global scale, and we understand the importance of international cooperation to achieve great things. The United States’ re-entry into the Paris Climate Agreement is a signal to the world that once again, we are committed to the challenges and goals outlined in the Paris Agreement, as well as recognize the importance of working with our international partners to find a common solution.”

Trump, in explaining his decision to withdraw from the Paris accord, criticized the agreement for allowing China and India to not pay into the fund associated with the agreement while expanding coal plants.

Congressman Joe Neguse, who represents Vail in the U.S. House of Representatives, was one of many critics of Trump’s decision to remove the U.S. from the agreement.

Neguse also issued a statement Wednesday in support of Biden’s decision to rejoin the accord, localizing the issue to Colorado in his comments.

“In Colorado, we have experienced the impacts of climate change tangibly through devastating wildfires, increased flooding and climate-related weather events,” Neguse said. “Our communities are ready for bold leadership and bold action to tackle the existential threat of climate change. In President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, we once again have leaders in the White House who will trust the scientists, and will work to invest in clean energy jobs, and climate solutions.”

Environment Colorado called on the Biden Administration to rejoin the Paris Accord on his first day in office, and applauded the action on Wednesday, as well. Environment Colorado is the local affiliate of The Public Interest Network, a national team of more than 170 researchers, advocates, attorneys and communications experts who work together for environmental action.

“While we are grateful for this action, we also know this is only the start,” said Hannah Collazo, State Director for Environment Colorado. “We need our country to be fully powered by clean energy, and we must do it quickly and thoroughly. With President Biden leading the way, Congress should step up as a full partner and pass bipartisan, comprehensive climate legislation that meets the targets for greenhouse gas emission reductions that the scientific community has told us we must achieve. The days of dirty, fossil fuel-burning, 19th-century technology must be numbered in order to reach a cleaner tomorrow.”

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