SourceGas scales back transmission line project |

SourceGas scales back transmission line project

This map shows the proposed natural gas transmission line replacement project in Eagle. The yellow lines shows the existing pipeline path and the areas with yellow and blue show the areas where SourceGas plans to replace the line.
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EAGLE — The SourceGas plan to replace a 4.6 mile stretch of natural gas transmission line through the Eagle Ranch subdivision is now in its final engineering design phase and it looks like the company will be downsizing the scope of the project and completing the work inside its existing easement.

A press release from SourceGas says the company has conducted extensive analysis of the pipeline wall thickness and the application of federal safety standards governing the volume of gas that can flow through the pipeline. SourceGas noted it enlisted a third party engineering firm to assist in this process. As a result, of its examination SourceGas confirmed the classification of the pipeline segment running through the Eagle Ranch subdivision and Eagle Ranch Golf Club meets the maximum allowable operating pressure of 1200 psi. It is safe to operate at this pressure and therefore does not require replacement.

“What they are planning to do now is a very large reduction in the amount of pipeline that has to be replaced,” said John Staight, Eagle open space coordinator. “They will be staying within their existing right of way to do this work.”

As it develops its plan for the replacement, SourceGas has noted that when the pipeline was constructed in 1994, it was built to serve areas classified by low population density. However, because of an increase in population density along the pipeline, the company is required to replace certain sections with thicker wall pipe in order to carry the volume of gas that these sections were designed to accommodate. SourceGas states that it is safely operating these sections of pipeline today by lowering the volume of gas flowing through the pipeline. This is a temporary solution until these sections of pipeline can be replaced with a 12-inch pipe with greater wall thickness than the current pipe.

Revised project

The east and west ends of the pipeline and eight segments of the pipeline under road crossings need to be replaced by SourceGas. Replacement of these sections will require heavy equipment and the need for temporary staging areas, which will be finalized in the coming weeks. The construction will still mean that Eagle Ranch residents can expect temporary disruptions in the area.

Pipeline replacements have been identified for the following road crossings:

• Hernage Creek Road between Harrier Circle and Bunkhouse Place.

• Harrier Circle between Left Lady Belle Place and Camp Fancy Spur.

• Camp Fancy Spur east of Harrier Circle.

• Fourth of July Road between Arroyo Drive and Big Sage Court.

• Arroyo Drive between Fourth of July Road and the Third Gulch Trail lot.

• Arroyo Drive east of the Third Gulch Trail lot.

• East Haystacker Drive west of Clover Lane.

• East Haystacker Drive east of Clover Lane.

Project Timing

SourceGas is currently working with the town of Eagle and BLM to finalize the project schedule and staging areas. Reclamation activities to restore disturbed land will occur after pipeline replacement and completion of this project.

As it prepares for the construction, SourceGas says that work on every project is closely overseen by state and federal safety regulations that govern the construction, operation and maintenance of natural gas distribution and transmission pipelines. Upon the completion of this project and before the line is fully operational, SourceGas will retest the full 4.6-mile pipeline. For more information regarding the Eagle project contact Carly West at 303-243-3545 or

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