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Special district elections slated May 6

Voters will elect board members for special districts in Colorado on May 6, and for local residents casting ballots for those elections may mean going to a different locale than where they have gone in the past.

Because of changes in state law mandating that elections be conducted in centralized locations, downvalley voters will go to the Gypsum Recreation Center and the Eagle Pool and Ice Rink to cast ballots in the upcoming special district elections. Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Greater Eagle Fire Protection District

There are eight people running for the three 4-year terms on the Greater Eagle Fire District Board of Directors:

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Jim Spell

Eric Peterson,

Ten Weber

Roby Forsyth

Georgie Zinda

Nathan Nelson

Jon Asper

Mikel “Pappy” Kerst

The polling place is the Eagle Pool and Ice Rink.

Western Eagle County Metropolitan Recreation District

There are four candidates fro the two 4-year terms for the WECMRD Board of Directors:

Stacy Beaumont

Harry Sandell

Kimberly Arnold

Nick Brinkman

The polling places are the Gypsum Recreation Center, the Eagle Pool and Ice Rink and the Edwards Ambulance Building.

Eagle County Paramedic Services

There are three 4-year terms and two 2-year terms for the Eagle County Paramedic Services Board of Directors.

The candidates for the 4-year terms are:

Jon Asper

Brian Davis

Kaye Ferry

John Woodland

Todd Goulding

Jeffrey Babb

The sole candidate for the 2-year term is Brian Schofield.

The polling places for the election are the Edwards Ambulance Building and the Gypsum Recreation Center.

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