State officials celebrate Eagle’s roundabout project |

State officials celebrate Eagle’s roundabout project

Matt Figgs, onsite construction manager for the Colorado Department of Transportation on the Eagle roundabout project, cuts the celebratory cake during last week's ribbon cutting ceremony.
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Work on the Eby Creek Road roundabout project in Eagle is officially completed.

That’s not to say there isn’t a few sections of fence, some sod and some other landscaping still waiting for installation. But for the most part the project is complete and to mark that milestone, several Colorado Department of Transportation and Federal Highway Administration officials traveled to town last week to attend an official ribbon cutting ceremony for the project.

Martha Miller, CDOT Eagle resident engineer, shared the project’s history noting it was a great example of partnership between a community and the state. She noted the initial planning costs were split 50/50 with the town and the actually construction costs were split 70/30 with the state contributing the larger share.

“The town really went all in with this project. We are virtually broke in out capital fund now” said Eagle Town Engineer Tom Gosiorowski. He noted the project would have been impossible without state participation and federal grant dollars. Other dignitaries assembled for the ribbon cutting echoed that sentiment, saying the financing model and state/local partnership will be a model for CDOT efforts

“This is what the future is going to look like,” said Doug Aden, a 17-year veteran member of the Colorado Transportation Commission.

“The town of Eagle fought hard for this project,” said Dave Eller, Colorado Department of Transportation’s regional transportation director for Region 3.

“Even in the middle of construction, I think traffic was better than when we had those lights out there,” said Eller.

“I have never work with such a strong set of constituents who had the big picture in mind,” offered Scot Cuthbertson, deputy executive director for CDOT. “It really was a great model. It was a win/win situation.”

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