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Threshold Building Group: a custom guarantee

Building a custom home can be an exercise in navigation of a rapidly shifting world of unknowns.

Question marks can loom for everything from engineering to finishes and overriding all the other concerns is the ever present issue of budget. But a newly launched local business is staking its claim in this land of unknowns.

Threshold Building Group is the brainchild of Eagle residents Joe Knabel and Jim Ash, who both bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the local construction scene. Knabel has more than 20 years of experience in development and construction of retail centers, low- and high-rise residential projects, commercial buildings, hotels and custom homes. Ash has worked in the building and development field for more than 30 years and his background includes planned unit developments, golf course communities, retail centers, commercial office buildings, hotels and single and multifamily projects.

Their company vision is direct — Threshold Building Group seeks to take the risk out of building a custom home.

“Often people say building their home was an awful experience. Our concept creates a process where it eliminates the surprises in the custom home process.”
Jim Ash
Co-owner of Threshold Building Group

“Often people say building their home was an awful experience,” said Ash. “Our concept creates a process where it eliminates the surprises in the custom home process.”

When a client employs Threshold, he or she is taken in hand through an eight-step process that includes initial consultation, preliminary design documents, selection of finishes, completed architectural and engineering drawings, and estimating and purchasing. These steps lead to the prospective home-builder the construction holy grail — a guaranteed not-to-exceed price. At that point, a building contract agreement is signed between the client, Threshold and the builder and then construction commences.

“It is our belief that we have created a unique approach to the design and construction of residential and commercial projects that provides for maximizing architectural creativity and flexibility while minimizing financial exposure for our potential new clients,” said Knabel.

“With more than 50 years of collective experience in construction, we have the ability to deliver a proven business model for our clients that focuses on maximizing customer satisfaction,” said Ash.

Additionally, they both believe the timing is right for their enterprise.

“The most recent national recession took care of people who were on the edge and left the people who are more solid and they are well positioned for an up-tick,” said Ash.

The recent recession also left consumers who are more wary about building a home and more concerned than ever about budget and quality. By offering a guaranteed not-to-exceed price and a comprehensive process that keeps the client informed, Knabel said Threshold is reaching out to today’s savvier home customer.

“That’s how you eliminate the proverbial surprise,” he said “The client gains confidence, and that is the important thing.”

As they launch their new business, both Knabel and Ash stressed they are invested in the local community and dedicated to its long-term success. Knabel is a member of the Eagle Town Board and treasurer of the Eagle Chamber of Commerce. Ash is the chamber president and a member of the Eagle Planning and Zoning Commission. Ash and Knabel met one another through their shared Eagle activism.

“We discovered we had many shared values and views about the world,” said Ash.

Anyone interested in learning more about their company vision and program can visit Knabel can be reached at 970-331-4664 and Ash can be reached at 904-343-4394.

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