Town of Vail rescinds mask mandate in public buildings |

Town of Vail rescinds mask mandate in public buildings

Face coverings will be recommended but will no longer be mandatory inside town of Vail public buildings. The move became effective Tuesday.

In a news release, the town said the change in policy, directed by the town manager, is due to the continued decline of positive COVID-19 cases and increase in vaccine rates in the county over the past several weeks, the decreased utilization of the county’s health care system related to COVID-19, and the suspension of all county mandates related to COVID-19.

The county set a threshold of less than 500 cases of COVID-19 per 100,000 population to drop the face covering mandate in county facilities. The current rate in the county is below 400 per 100,000.

The town’s mandatory face covering requirement for access to public buildings had been in place since Aug. 23, 2021. The requirement had applied to the Municipal Complex, Vail Public Library, Welcome Centers, Fire stations, transit centers and the Public Works shops.

Moving forward, the Town of Vail will continue to follow the lead and protocols set forth by Eagle County.

Face coverings continue to be required on all public transportation until March 18 due to a federal mandate.

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