Traffic is coming to a four-way stop at Eagle Ranch |

Traffic is coming to a four-way stop at Eagle Ranch

Beginning next week, motorists will have a new stop sign to contend with.

Actually, they will have two. On Wednesday, May 8, the intersection of Capitol Street and Founders Avenue will be changed to a four-way stop. Currently only cars traveling along Founders have to stop at the intersection.

“The pedestrian traffic is getting heavier there and the business owners requested the four-way stop,” said Assistant Eagle Town Engineer Kevin Sharkey.

He noted a couple of changes in the neighborhood also supported the change. The addition of the new commercial building and it’s associated parking on the northeast corner of the intersection changed sight distances at the intersection. Additionally, middle and high school students now catch school buses at a stop located at the rear of the Luigi’s Pasta House building.

In anticipation of the change, the town and the Eagle Ranch Association are blanketing the area with flyers announcing the new stop signs. Additionally, an email notice was sent out to residents of the Eagle Ranch subdivision.

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“We also plan to use of variable message sign to advise drivers about the new stop signs,” Sharkey said.

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