Vail candidate Kathryn Middleton in her own words |

Vail candidate Kathryn Middleton in her own words

Candidate is focused on ensuring Vail’s future success

Kathryn Middleton

Name: Kathryn Middleton

Occupation: Retail sales

Neighborhood: Matterhorn

Length of residence in Vail: 39 years

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Have you served on any other town boards or commissions (that includes the Vail Recreation District and county boards and commissions, if any)?: I currently serve on the Design Review Board for a partial term that expires in March 2022.

Why do you want this job? To ensure that the future of Vail has an engaged, strong community with shared values for smart economic growth and vitality that doesn’t overwhelm the carrying capacity of the town’s valley walls and our coveted natural mountain environment.

What has the current council done well? What could it have done better? The current council has done well responding to the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure economic resiliency. Revising the town’s budget; implementing communitywide indoor and outdoor mask-wearing and social distancing protocols; and expanding restaurant and retail establishments’ ability to utilize designated outdoor space to conduct business — all contributed to helping the community generate revenue, keep people working and helped reduce the spread of the virus.

The PrimaVail program is a positive step to create shared value for our mountain environment and outdoor recreation community.

I am also a proponent of the community survey that was conducted last spring. It identified the community’s priorities for action to include environmental and sustainability efforts, housing for residential and deed-restricted housing and parking management policies. All these action items are on the top of my list to address and work toward solutions as a council member.

Booth Heights: It’s my belief that the current Town Council did the best they could to navigate this complex situation. At this point, the Residences at Main Vail employee housing development is underway, with Phase 1 to begin this fall. The Children’s Garden of Learning has been relocated to the charter bus lot in Lionshead for the next three to five years until a permanent location can be identified. This location has access to the library and the mountain to enhance the sense of community with our children in the village.

What’s your position on the proposed half-cent sales tax increase for housing initiatives? I am all for it. The town is a tax-based entity, and this is a minimal increase to implement a solid beginning to grow a dedicated fund to help solve employee housing problems. This shows the town’s commitment to the business community, but it does not impact essentials such as groceries and gasoline.

If elected, what’s the main thing you’d like to see the council accomplish in the next two or four years? Aside from working hard to find lasting solutions to the ongoing issues: recruiting employees, employee housing, affordable housing, parking and curtailing the number of special events. The main thing I would like to see is getting the community to rally around sustainability initiatives.

This demonstrates the town’s existing commitment to be environmentally conscious and retain economic vitality that is part of the original Vail Town Charter, which expresses that “Vail is unique and places greater emphasis on aesthetic, environmental, promotional and recreational concerns than in most municipal governments.”

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