Vail Christian senior’s first published book of poetry is rooted in helping others |

Vail Christian senior’s first published book of poetry is rooted in helping others

The high school hosted a book signing for Bergan Behr as she shares her personal journey in a collection of poetry

Bergan Behr, a senior at Vail Christian High School, signs a copy of her book "Her Words Written" Wednesday at Vail Christian High School in Edwards.

Vail Christian High School senior Bergan Behr has a passion for helping people. Whether it’s through shifts as a Certified Nursing Assistant at Castle Peak Senior Center in Eagle or through her newest venture, poetry, Behr is looking to make a difference in the world.

Behr recently self-published a collection of poetry, titled “Her Words Written,” which follows her journey to finding self worth and triumph over her challenges.

“Between eighth grade and freshman year, I was struggling a lot with anxiety and I actually had an eating disorder. When I went away for treatment, one of the only ways I could get out my feelings and get out what I was trying to say in recovery was through writing,” Behr said.

Inspired by the likes of Emily Dickenson and Rupi Kaur, Behr’s collection of poems is broken into four sections — Her Falling, Her Breaking, Her Healing and Her Becoming — chronicling the transformation from a girl to a woman. It is her hope that this collection will inspire and help other teenage girls.

“I think it can really help them realize that they’re not alone in their struggles and that their pain has a purpose,” Behr said. “No matter what you’re going through, there’s always something good you can get out of it.”

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Bergan Behr signs her book for junior Andrew Olmstead Wednesday at Vail Christian High School in Edwards.
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Vail Christian hosted a book signing for Behr on Wednesday to celebrate her accomplishment. Behr signed the book for school faculty and staff that had received the book as well as for students who wanted to purchase the book.

Behr first shared her experience and book of poetry with her peers in a testimony at the school. This is one of Vail Christian’s traditions, where during senior chapel, students are invited to share their stories. In Behr’s testimony, she opened up about her past challenges and how writing helped her come out on the other side.

“I’m definitely being very vulnerable, but I’m also excited,” Behr said of sharing her book with her peers. “What I went through is going to help someone else and if I can share that, that’s worth being scared.”

Bergan Behr, a senior at Vail Christian High School, has published a book of her own poetry.
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For Behr, the decision to self publish her writing was a way to control her story, put her past into print and move forward on her next chapter.

“Because it’s my first book, it was almost my gift to myself for graduation,” she said. “This is the end of high school, I made it through everything that I went through and [self publishing] was my way of saying, ‘This is my book, it wasn’t someone else’s.’”

As for what will be in Behr’s next chapter: She will be attending the nursing program at Charleston Southern University in the fall on a scholarship. And while she is majoring in nursing as a way to help others, she also hopes to continue to write books that will inspire young girls. In fact, she is already working on her next book — a memoir-style, self-help book directed at young girls.

Writing, Behr said, has helped her overcome a lot and she hopes it will resonate with others. “[Writing is] a way to put your thoughts and feelings into something visual that you can see,” she said. “It’s also something that people can relate to. The voice it has, and the power it has, can inspire others.”

Behr’s book, “Her Words Written,” is available on Amazon and locally at The Bookworm of Edwards. To see some of Behr’s words written, you can visit @her.words.written on Instagram.

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