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‘Vail Daily Live’ is back for the winter — and will soon be on Channel 17

Daily show features hosts in studio and out and about

The “Vail Daily Live“ crew is back on the air. This winter season brings a new cable option for viewing, as well as an over-the-air broadcast.
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The winter season is the Vail Valley’s time to shine. “Vail Daily Live” is ready to shine, too.

The Vail Daily’s streaming morning show returns Friday, Nov. 12, and will have new shows seven days a week, with hosts in the EagleVail studio and scattered throughout the Vail Valley.

In addition to the streaming channels available, “Vail Daily Live” will soon join with Outside TV, seen on Channel 17 on local cable systems. In addition, this winter “Vail Daily Live” and Outside TV will launch an over-the-air signal from a rooftop transmitter atop the Vail Daily’s building in EagleVail.

That means people in lodge rooms will easily be able to find “Vail Daily Live” just by turning on a cable-connected TV or one that can receive over-the-air signals.

The winter launch follows a summer of shows that took viewers around the valley. Executive Producer Scott Sternberg is looking forward to the new season.

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“This is a chance for our brand, ‘Vail Daily Live,’ to put its imprint down and make a big splash in the community,” Sternberg said. “With our nine hosts we’ll cover the entire valley. We’ll be everywhere, anytime.”

The show is also interactive and provides viewers a chance to chat with the hosts.

Those hosts include longtime local TV personality Tricia Swenson.

Fellow Executive Producer Lindy Phannenstiel is Sternberg’s partner in Resort Livestream LLC. That firm earlier this year partnered with the Vail Daily to create the show.

Phannenstiel noted that Outside TV brings a lot of experience to the operation. Add to that the Vail Daily’s 40 years of providing news and information to the valley, and a lot of local knowledge is streamed to viewers every morning.

“Vail Daily Live“ is out in the valley’s resort areas every day and can broadcast live from virtually any business location. That content is just what locals, visitors and second-home owners are looking for, both while they’re here and before visitors arrive.

“Vail Daily Live” boasts the ability for customized marketing opportunities, from business profiles to commercial spots to segment sponsorships. Those marketing opportunities also can include tie-ins with the Vail Daily’s print and online offerings.

The show focuses on recreation, culture dining and shopping, but it also looks at what’s in every day’s edition of the Vail Daily.

The point is to make visitors feel like locals and locals feel like visitors.

Now, with the partnership with Outside TV, there’s a new mission statement: “Get out and live it with Vail Daily Live.”


“Vail Daily Live” is currently available live and on demand at VailDailyLive.com, Facebook, YouTube, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Roku and Spotify.

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