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‘Vail Daily Live’ launches a new way to see the Vail Valley

Show will be live from 7-8:30 a.m. seven days a week

Ken Hoeve and Tricia Swenson, two of the Vail Valley’s most well-known media personalities, are among the team of hosts launching a new daily streaming morning show out of the Vail Daily’s EagleVail office that will capture everything going on in the valley.

There’s a new way to wake up to what’s new in the Vail Valley.

Starting Saturday at 7 a.m., “Vail Daily Live” will stream to your phone, computer or smart TV with 90 minutes of what’s new, what’s happening and what’s worthwhile in the Vail Valley. Content will also include the latest weather and road information, along with the day’s headlines from the Vail Daily. The new show will be live seven days a week during the summer and the ski season.

“Vail Daily Live” was the brainchild of longtime TV pros Scott Sternberg and Lindy Phannenstiel and their company, ResortLivestream LLC.

Sternberg said he and Phannenstiel saw an opportunity for the Vail Valley when Vail Resorts shut down its TV8 cable channel.

The idea, Sternberg said, was to do live TV, but using modern streaming technology. That way anyone, anywhere can access the programming. That programming will also be available on demand, so don’t worry about missing a segment or two.

Streaming consultant Taylor Sternberg works in the Vail Daily Live studio in EagleVail. “Vail Daily Live” launches Saturday, May 29 at 7 a.m.
Scott Sternberg/Special to the Daily

The partners soon found themselves in a meeting with Swift Communications President and COO Bob Brown and Vail Daily Publisher Mark Wurzer. After a bit of deliberation, work started on “Vail Daily Live.”

Reaching locals, the world

The current streaming platforms can effectively reach locals, second-home owners and visitors from around Colorado, the U.S. and the world. Wurzer added that the partners are looking for a broadcast entity to further expand the reach of the morning show.

Wurzer said “Vail Daily Live” brings something unique to viewers and sponsors. He noted there are customized marketing opportunities from business profiles to commercials to segment sponsorships.

Since the show was first announced in February, there’s been a flurry of activity, hiring hosts, and technical people and targeting the best possible content.

Your hosts

Get ready to get better acquainted with Tricia Swenson, Ashley LaFleur, Ken Hoeve, Charli Kennedy, Meredith Kirkman, Ti Diaz and Bratzo Horruitiner, all of whom will bring “Vail Daily Live” content to our viewers.

Longtime local TV host and current Vail Daily reporter Tricia Swenson called the preliminary activity “loading the train” before rolling it down the track.

“It feels good to be back in this zone again,” Swenson said, adding she loves being live on camera. “You never know what’s coming next,” she said.

Besides working from the small studio in the Vail Daily’s EagleVail office, a lot of Vail Daily Live will come to viewers from outside the building.

Live and on the scene

Expect to see various hosts out and about at events throughout the Vail Valley.

It’s far easier to be live outside a studio these days. Just about anywhere with cell service is a likely spot for a live shot.

Another difference from old-school TV is interacting with viewers. There will be a live chat feature with the show.

Swenson said the live chat is both exciting and a little terrifying.

“I hope people will engage in a positive manner,” she said.

In addition to the live chat, “Vail Daily Live” is actively seeking viewer videos.

From new business openings to concerts and dining to talking dogs in Bond, viewer videos will be a key part of the “Vail Daily Live” package.

Sternberg said the project wants to let viewers and potential advertisers know that the show is where you want to be.

“If you have a business … or you’re selling something, this is a great place to have it,” Sternberg said.

Five facts

Vail Daily Live” launches May 29.

Live shows run from 7-8:30 a.m. seven days a week.

There’s an interactive chat component.

Find the show at VailDailyLive.com or on streaming services including YouTube, Roku and AppleTV.

Submit your videos to VailDailyLive.com/submit.

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