Vail’s Cascade area could see new housing |

Vail’s Cascade area could see new housing

Developer wants to turn old tennis courts into deed-restricted, mostly one-bedroom units

A Denver-based company is looking at the old Cascade Village tennis courts — in roughly the center of this image — for deed-restricted apartments.
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Not many people know about the tennis courts between Vail’s Cascade Village and the Donovan Pavilion. That site may be the home of the town’s next apartment complex.

Treeline Multifamily Partners, a Denver-based development company, is creating a plan for roughly 120 mostly one-bedroom units at the 2.2-acre site owned by Vail Hotel Partners.

Treeline partner Pete Wiechecki said the idea is for “resident” housing, meaning units will be deed-restricted but rented at “market rates.”

According to local planner Dominic Mauriello, Treeline is taking a two-step approach to the project.

The first step is rezoning the land into the town’s “housing” zone district. That designation requires deed-restricting at least 70% of all units built. The remainder can be sold at market rates.

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Wiechecki said deed-restricting more than 70% of the units will depend on factors including the development plan and economics. Wiechecki said Vail has a “pioneering” deed-restriction system — the Vail InDeed program — and is looking forward to seeing what can be done within that system.

Wiechecki noted that Treeline acquired Edwards’ 6West Apartments about a year ago. That acquisition made Treeline aware of the need for locals’ housing in Eagle County, he added.

While the property has always been part of Cascade Village, Mauriello noted that not many people are aware the courts exist. The courts are west of the west end of Cascade Village, and are well below South Frontage Road.

The site is also next to Gore Creek, something Mauriello said developers will need to treat sensitively. But, Mauriello added, the courts are essentially abandoned and are in disrepair. But those courts have foundations that could be useful.

Wiechecki acknowledged there are “challenges” with the site. But the site is also close to the frontage road, the town’s bike path and transit. The Cascade Village chairlift is just a few minutes away by foot.

Vail Local Housing Authority Chairman Steve Lindstrom said those elements add up to a good site for housing.

“I think it’s a great location,” Lindstrom said, noting the proximity to employment centers, established utilities and other factors. The proposal also comes from the private sector, something Lindstrom said the town needs.

“It’s their land, not our land,” Lindstrom said. “It really is checking every box.”

Lindstrom said town officials have been talking about “keeping up” and “catching up” with housing demand. The Cascade Village site could be a way to “start catching up a little bit,” he said.

While designs are only in very preliminary form, Wiechecki said the units could have structured parking close to the frontage road, with apartments wrapping around them. The application also includes space for a child care center.

Wiechecki added that current plans for the site include a leasing center and fitness center.

“We found people want that at 6West — it’s really a livable space,” Wiechecki said.

Lindstrom said he’s “very familiar” with the site. “I walk my dog over there all the time. It’s a great place for people to live.”

Five facts

Developer: Treeline Multifamily Partners.

Location: Just off South Frontage Road between Donovan Pavilion and Cascade Village.

Parcel size: 2.2 acres.

Zoning: If put into Vail’s “Housing” zone district, at least 70% of all units must be deed restricted.

Developers on Monday, March 8 will have a work session with the Vail Planning and Environmental Commission.

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