Village Market eyes new store option at Eagle Ranch

Village Market currently operates a grocery store in the Riverwalk project at Edwards.
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Since its inception, the plan for Eagle Ranch always envisioned a small grocery store located in its commercial core.

And now according to Jen Wright, the guy behind the commerical properties at Eagle Ranch Village, that vision is inching toward reality.

Wright has been working with Village Market, the grocery store operation in Edwards, to build a roughly 15,000 square foot store at a vacant lot located just east of Capitol Street along Sylvan Lake Road. Wright noted the deal has not yet been finalized, but he is optimistic the long-awaited grocery store plan will proceed.

“They are interested and they are looking at how to get the building numbers to work,” said Wright. “We still have issues to work out and we are not there yet. But we do have great operators interested. They are guys who are familiar with competing wth large stores like City Market.”

While the Village Market store is not a massive operation, it is afflicated with Associated Grocers, a large distribution chain.

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“It wouldn’t be just a small independent operation coming in here,” said Wright.

Wright noted the new store would provide a sales tax shot for Eagle, something that the community needs.

“If we can get the grocery store going, other things will fall into place,” said Wright. “Business is up down there (in Eagle Ranch Village) but we need a good high energy business like a grocery store there.”

The grocery store plan has received preliminary approval from the Eagle Ranch Design Review Board, but the project would need major development approval from the town of Eagle. That means the proposal will be reviewed by both the Eagle Planning and Zoning Commission and the Eagle Town Board and the grocery store application has not yet been submitted.

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