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WECMRD spruces up Eagle fields

Baseball and softball players who compete in Western Eagle County Metropolitan Recreation District leagues will find something afoot this summer.

Under foot, to be more accurate.

WECMRD is nearly done with a $450,000 project to replace infield dirt and grass at the two northern fields at the Eagle Fairgrounds facility with artificial turf. The outfields at both field will still be natural grass.

“This will really open up the fields to more use than they have had in the past,” said WECMRD Director Steve Russell.

“It will save money, it can be used more often and you don’t have rainouts,” said Russell “This will also allow us to transition from one sport to another almost immediately.”

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Russell said there are no immediate plans to replace the outfield grass at the fields with the new infield turf. Currently WECMRD has two fields at the site— one featuring a baseball diamond layout and one featuring soccer/lacrosse layout — that are totally covered in artificial turf. However, he noted that softball and baseball league players have voiced a preference to have real grass in the outfield.

Russell noted that the Vail Recreation District recently completed a similar upgrade to its fields. He said the work will be completed by youth baseball opening day, planned June 6.

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