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Week In Review

Let it snow

Beaver Creek and Vail got more snow over the weekend, and Beaver Creek shifted their opening to 8:30 a.m. for the remainder of the season, allowing skiers and snowboarders 30 more minutes on the slopes.

The last upload for each lift will be 3:30 p.m.

Highway 82 outlook

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Colorado Highway 82, the crucial artery of the Roaring Fork Valley, is going to get more crowded whether or not the new Grand Avenue bridge in Glenwood Springs is built.

If estimates are right, Colorado 82 will be lots busier. The Colorado Department of Transportation projects increases of between 10 and 25 percent at different spots on the 40-mile stretch of 82 from Interstate 70 to the Aspen traffic circle within the next five years.

In Glenwood Springs, that means more backups and continued long waits for vehicles and pedestrians trying to cross Grand. Many of those people, particularly summertime pedestrians, are tourists critical to the town’s economy.

Commission lawsuit

An Aspen real estate broker’s lawsuit alleges that she was squeezed out of a commission payment for the $10.825 million sale of a Red Mountain home.

The suit targets seller Wayne Ducote and buyer Steven Gordon, as well as their limited liability companies, with civil conspiracy and breach of contract accusations along with other civil claims. The plaintiff is named as GDW Collection LLC, a legal entity established for the purpose of collecting the alleged debt — $270,625 — on behalf of Aspen realtor Wendalin Whitman.

California couple sues Sunlight

A California couple is suing Sunlight Mountain Resort regarding a 2012 accident that injured Sally Rumpf of San Diego.

The suit lists both Rumpf and her husband, Louis, as plaintiffs. It describes Mrs. Rumpf as “very active and reasonably athletic” and the couple as “capable and responsible skiers who enjoy skiing within their abilities.”

According to the complaint, the Rumpfs had completed several runs on the afternoon of Dec. 27, 2012, and were approaching the lift when an attendant shouted “go, go, go,” in an attempt to get them to load. Mrs. Rumpt claims she was subsequently injured.

The plaintiffs are seeking reparations for loss of earnings of at least $16,000 and medical expenses totaling $77,000 on behalf of Mrs. Rumpf as well as a loss of consortium claim for Mr. Rumpf. It cites the Ski Safety Act of 1979 and the Passenger Tramway Safety section of the Colorado Revised Statutes in asserting Sunlight’s negligence.

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