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Cindy Ramunno

Autogas. That’s a word you need to remember.

Propane autogas is an economical approach to substantially lower harmful emissions. Vehicles fueled by propane autogas reduce their carbon footprint by as much as 75 percent. It’s the most widely used alternative fuel in the world and is an ideal solution for fleets looking to reduce fuel costs and greenhouse gas emissions. Fleets can convert vehicles they currently operate, or purchase new vehicles with autogas systems.

Wilcon Energy is a Certified Conversion Center and propane supplier, the first of its kind to serve the Vail Valley from its offices in Minturn.

As the company’s website notes, going green is big in Colorado. Wilcon Energy can get an entire fleet up-and-running on clean, economical propane autogas, an American made fuel. Wilcon Energy can convert fleets and small engine vehicles to run on autogas and will follow up with ongoing safety and training while providing technical support at an ROI.

Matthew Morrison is the guy in charge. Morrison lives in Minturn with his wife, Susan, and their two young sons.

“The only place that we have lived is Minturn, and we do not picture ourselves living elsewhere in the valley,” said Morrison. “I decided to open this type of a business because I noticed everyone was always interested in, and looking for, ways to cut operating expenses in order to increase their bottom line, which usually came at the expense of the employee.”

Morrison figures that fuel costs are a huge way people can save in addition to reducing the carbon footprint.

Autogas is workable alternative for fleets because fueling infrastructure can be implemented at the home base, eliminating trips to off-site fueling stations. Additionally, the price per gallon of propane autogas is generally about $1.00 less than that for gasoline and diesel, and autogas vehicles provide virtually the same power as gasoline vehicles.

There are numerous product offerings for on-road propane autogas engines, including passenger cars and SUVs such as taxicabs and law enforcement vehicles; light- and medium-duty pickups and vans; and school buses and shuttle buses. Some municipal and state tax credits are also available to help fleets transition to cleaner-burning, domestically produced propane autogas.

“I truly believe that we should all be good stewards, and pass this beautiful place off to our kids a better place than we found it,” said Morrison.

For more information, visit http://www.wilconenergy.com.

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