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Wolcott youth ramps up for Eagle Scout honors

Lukas Burner relaxes on the new ramp to the Eagle County Historical Society Museum at Chambers Park. The Wolcott youth rebuilt the entry as part of his Eagle Scout effort.
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Lukas Burner has been a Boy Scout for about seven years now, so it was only natural that the Wolcott youth set his sights on the organization’s highest honor.

Now visitors to the Eagle County Historical Society Museum at Chambers Park are benefitting from Burner’s Eagle Scout aspirations.

As part of the process to become an Eagle Scout, youths must complete a community service project. Actually, the process is a bit more complicated than just the work. Eagle Scout aspirants must first identify a potential project and then submit a description to Boy Scout officials. Only after the project is accepted can the Scout start to work, and the requirement must be fulfilled prior to the Scout’s 18th birthday.

Burner said he and his father started thinking about potential Eagle Scout projects a couple of years ago. As they surveyed needs in the community, the Eagle museum captured their interest. The historic, converted dairy barn definitely needed some repair.

“For the last three or four years, we realized we needed to do something about the barn entries,” said John Bronn of the ECHS. “They were put in 25 years ago.”

Both the large ramp on the western side of the building and the small staircase on the northwestern corner were due for repairs. However, when Burner started prepping for the work, he discovered that the issue wasn’t to repair the existing structures, but rather to totally replace them.

“It was really a mess,” Burner said. “The stairs were the worst, but luckily not that many people use them.”

Because both the outer wood and the structure underneath was rotted, Burner totally replaced the two outdoor entry structures during a recent three-day effort. His father, a local architect and contractor, assisted and various local business and organizations contributed money for the materials.

“The timing was wonderful,” said Bronn. “He did the work before we opened the museum for the summer and before we had an accident.”

The completed project marks the end of a busy spring for Burner. He graduated from Vail Christian High School in May and plans to attend the University of Colorado at Boulder this fall to study management and entrepreneurship.

With his Eagle Scout labor now done, Burner will have to submit a final report but he has until fall — his 18th birthday is Sept. 15 — to finish up the process.

“It’s always been a goal of mine to make Eagle Scout. It would be a shame not to do it at this point, after seven years in Boy Scouts.”

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