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Emily Boyd
Special to the Enterprise

Last week Eagle Valley Young Life traveled to meet with the up valley YL at Beaver Creek Village.

We played a huge game of capture the flag and ran around the village until the upvalley crew won. It was such a blast and so fun to get to know some of our fellow YL participants in the other part of valley.

Afterwards, we all gathered on the steps to listen to announcements and a talk by James Sanchez. He began by asking us “what is it that defines you?” Immediately people’s reactions may be things that they’ve accomplished, such as, “I’ve been the CEO of a big company for 25 years” or “well I’ve been a four-year letter athlete.” But in reality, those things shouldn’t be what defines us. We should be defined by the gospel. Many times our world allows us to believe that if we obtain a certain job title, or a certain lifestyle, then we’re defined by that and solely that. But, James referenced John 3:16-17 as well as John 10:10. He finished his talk by reminding us that Jesus came to provide us with abundant life, a life that will never end.

Last Wednesday was sadly the last week of YL club for this school year, but Eagle Valley Young Life will be back in the fall.

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