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Young Life

Eagle Valley Young Life members play a rolicking game of knee football in the snow.
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Forty five teenagers at Eagle Valley High School, on the field, in knee deep powder, playing knee football. What better way to spend a Wednesday night?

Activities like this are exactly what Young Life is all about, getting kids involved in a group to have fun, hang out, and get into the word. Young Life features mixers, games and songs and the YL leaders help to create a safe environment for students.

Last week James Sanchez shared a thoughtful speech about a particular piece in the Bible. Before doing so, he had us get into groups of five and pass around and eat a whole bag of Lays potato chips. He tied this back to his sermon by asking us if we were thirsty afterwards, and of course, each of us raised our hands. He then proceeded to tell us just how much God is striving to quench our thirst. God is dedicated to completely relive us of out thirst and constant desire to feel satisfied. James then continued to paraphrase John 4:1-26, discussing an exact, biblical example of what he was telling us. It was truly inspiring to all of us.

Next week, and every week, all high school students are welcome to join us at the Pavilion in Eagle at 7:32 on Wednesday nights.

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