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Emily Boyd
EVHS correspondent
Eagle Valley Young Life members during last week's Valentine's Day theme gathering.
Special to the Enterprise |

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, last week Young Life members took part in several themed games including rugby kisses (on the cheek), and a dating game show. Along with these games, we sung songs and were entertained in countless ways with the help of our leaders.

Take a moment to imagine what our world would be like if everyone around you was living completely selflessly. It’d be amazing, wouldn’t it? When God sent himself in the flesh as Jesus, selflessness and serving others was his way of life. Melinda Brandt discussed these thoughts with 55 High School students last week at the Eagle Pavilion. She referenced John 13 to provide an example of just how selfless Jesus was. He washed His disciples feet, a slave’s job at the time. He washed their feet, and did a selfless act, in order to provide an example of how life should be lived.

By the end of the talk, everyone was lost in thought of how amazing life would be if we all lived selflessly. We ended in prayer and headed off to Wendy’s for Frosties and conversation.

Young Life meets again on Wednesday, Feb. 26. Join us.

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