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Emily Boyd
Special to the Enterprise
Young LIfe members display some of their final collections in the "Bigger or Better" game from last week.
Special to the Enterprise |

Last week Young Life members played a spirited game of “bigger or better.”

High school students were placed into groups and were each given a paper clip to start the game. Then, for about 30 minutes, we ran around door-to-door, searching for something either bigger or better in value than the last item we traded. It was a complete blast, resulting in a basketball shooting game, a signed football, a door, and many more items.

After the game, Justin Brandt stepped up to share the word with us. He read from John 11, the story of one of Jesus’s healing miracles. In this one in particular, Jesus raises a good friend from the dead. That in itself is amazing, but Justin then tied it back to Jesus calling us out of being spiritually sick in sin, and back into his arms. He then proceeded to ask us a few questions:

Do you feel as though you are spiritually sick?

Do you feel like Jesus is giving you an opportunity to get out/ heal from your sickness?

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This lead to multiple murmurs in the room, followed by Justin ending in prayer.

Once again, Young Life meets every Wednesday night at 7:32 at the Brush Creek Pavilion and any and all high school students are welcome to join.

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