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Young Life members enjoy the Mr. Devil event at Eagle Valley High School last week.
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Last week Young Life met at Ekhai Grill in Gypsum for some yummy food before going to watch the Mr. Devils pageant at the high school. It was really fun and funny to watch.

But I’d really like to take a moment to discuss some aspects of Young Life that not everyone knows about. Not many people know that behind Young Life and its fun activities, there are multiple ways to get in depth and in the word.

There are several Bible studies throughout the week that Young Life leaders provide. And these sessions aren’t solely for Young Life go’ers— anyone is welcome.

There is a Bible study for younger girls (freshmen and sophomores) and one for the older girls (juniors and seniors). The younger girls are led by Abbie Rittmiller and the older girls are led by Melinda Brandt. Both will be happy to discuss the details of their Bible studies.

The boys have a Bible study once a week as well, led by James Sanchez and Justin Brandt. Both will be happy to discuss their studies as well.

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Speaking from personal experience, these studies are extremely beneficial. I have grown immensely with the help of these studies, and I am so incredibly blessed and thankful for them.

Meet us next week for our regular Young Life gathering at the Eagle Pavilion at 7:32 on Wednesday.

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