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Emily Boyd
Eagle Valley Young Life participants enjoy a game during last week's meeting.
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Young Life’s gathering at the Brush Creek Pavilion last week started off with everyone in a in a large circle, throwing all of their our shoes in the center.

“We were then instructed to find our shoes — no big deal right?,” reported Emily Boyd. “Wrong. We have to find our shoes in the dark, with full contact. It was a blast!”

The evening activites then included singing a few songs and followed by another game where a few people had to try to bounce a ping pong ball onto a piece of bread that was covered in peanut butter.

After the songs and games, leader James Sanchez read from the gospel of John where Simon denied Jesus three times. Then later Jesus restored Simon by asking him three times if he loved him. Jesus then changed Simon’s name to Peter. James shared with us that this name change was a symbol of his new life following Jesus. And, like Peter, when we follow Jesus our lives should look different and we should become excited and passionate for what is in store for us. We should be excited about the changes taking place inside us and eager to grow and share that love with others.

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