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A brave Young Life member participates in last week's trust and perception activity.
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When the Young LIft kids gathered last week, it was senior guys night, and therefore, no one knew what the plans were except for the senior guys.

The theme was Fear Factor and we started the night off by passing mystery bags around in a circle until the music stopped. Once it stopped, the last person holding it had to eat whatever was inside. A few people had to eat mayonnaise, mustard or tarter sauce. After that we sung a few songs and had a game where a select group of kids had to dunk their heads in a bucket to try and get a piece of chocolate. Tt was hilarious! We later played a game of misconception, where two blind-folded participants were placed on a table. The group then lifted the table a few inches, and told the blind-folded pair to jump off. It is funny how deceiving that can be when you can’t see clearly.

We then settled to hear Matt Vaughn’s message. He spoke and shared a bit of his testimony, which is very hard to do sometimes, but he did it with ease. He has grown so strong in his faith since the beginning of his acceptance, and it is very evident. At the end of his talk, he challenged us to think about our own relationships with God and figure out where we stand; not even near God’s beautiful home, on the lawn of it, on the stairs, at the door, or inside. He also asked us to ponder how we could help others who may be struggling to find their way to God’s house, or to find and accept God as a whole.

Next, Nick Cooper stepped up and shared his testimony and he did an amazing job as well. He shared with us how one person helped him to accept God into his life and how that person has influenced him in such a positive way. In the end, Nick challenged us to try and help someone to accept God. He shared impactful it can be to simply have a conversation, ask someone to come to YoungLife, or just be there to listen.

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