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Emily Boyd
Special to the Enterprise
Eagle Valley Young Life members model their 1980s inspired outfits.
Special to the Enterprise |

It was senior girls night at Young Life club last week and the ladies chose to take the evening back to the 1980s.

Everyone dressed in their best outfits and we played songs and games that went along with the theme including an activity where everyone stood in a circle and passed mints from one person to the next. The twist was, everyone had to pass the mints with their mouths from their toothpick to the next person’s toothpick. We then proceeded to do a few minute-to-win-it food eating contests along with some great music.

Keeping with the ladies night theme, Claire Guzik stepped up to share her story. She began by presenting a slideshow of a bunch of words that used to define her, prior to her relationship with Jesus.

Claire attended YL camp her freshmen year and had fun and was open to Jesus, but didn’t really process him. She then attended Polar Bear camp her sophomore year and it was there that she realized that she wasn’t living for Jesus. With the help of a bible study with Mrs. Weaver her junior year, she felt as though she was ready to live for Jesus on a daily basis. By doing so, she was able to open herself up to a relationship with God, and through that, she became more vulnerable and authentic in relationships.

Claire also discussed how God knows you personally and knows everything about you. She said we shouldn’t try to hide from him. She shared a verse at the end — John 13:7 “Jesus replied, ‘You do not realize now what I am doing, but later you will understand.’”

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Claire finished by noting the words that use to define her still pop into her life from time to time, but having a relationship with Jesus gives her joy and provides an obvious purpose.

“I realized that accepting Jesus isn’t a one time request and that’s it. It’s a decision to follow Christ and glorify Him with every day of your life,” Claire said.

She really touched everyone with her testimony and we were very thankful that she was willing to share with us.

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