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Eagle Valley’s quiet hero

Cindy Ramunno
Sandra Wahba, Audrey Powell, Brooke Baughfman

Remember back to your days in high school. Do you recall a pretty, talented, quiet young lady who was a role model for young girls? There’s usually one in every class. You know — the gal that has a ton of talent and beauty, yet doesn’t seek out the spotlight. The one quietly goes about life, leaving smiles in her path. That gal for EVHS is Sandra Wahba.

Wahba will be graduating this May with her classmates before she heads off to the University of Minnesota this fall to pursue a degree in architecture. Why Minnesota? Wahba explains, “It’s where I grew up and my mom’s family is right in that town. Plus, the school will be a good challenge for me.”

Wahba moved here with her family five years ago. Her parents – Selim and Therse – have become community fixtures. Wahba siblings include older brother Kareem and younger sister Sarah. Anyone who knows the Wahba’s know that they possess a strong value system and the parents are very involved with their children. “I come from a very strong, solid family,” says Wahba.

Both of Wahba’s parents are engineers and she also comes from a family of pharmacists. Although she’s had a strict up-bringing and doesn’t particularly appreciate that now, she realizes that will change. “I believe my up-bringing has made me confident and independent. It’s made me ask, `what do I want’? ” Wahba’s parents are also “behind the scenes ” type of people.

In a field dominated by men, Wahba will need that confidence and independence to be successful. She knows that by choosing architecture, she’ll be surrounded by men. “I think it will push me to be even more independent, ” she says. Wahba has known that she wanted to become an architect since her middle school years. “We did a project and I loved being in control and using my imagination. The creating was fun, ” adds Wahba. She has since taken CAD classes at EVHS.

Wahba’s reputation with her friends is that she is loyal, hard-working and somewhat quiet. Wahba explains, “I do what I do for me, not anyone else. ” She’s been involved in various activities at EVHS including volleyball, basketball, swimming (at the Avon Recreation Center), Link Crew, National Honor Society, DADD, Leo and Helping Hearts Heal. EVHS athletic director Dave Scott says, “Sandra is a quiet, well-focused, motivated young woman. She’ll go far.”

Wahba says she will miss her friends next year and she believes that attending at smaller school – like EVHS – has given her and her friends an advantage and has made them closer. And she’s got some great advice for those many younger students who look up to her as a role model. “Follow your heart and make the most of every day. Go for your dreams. “

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