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Eagle voters elect Kostick

EAGLE – A changing of the guard is under way in Eagle.

Tuesday night, voters elected former town board member Yuri Kostick as the new mayor over incumbent Ed Woodland in a tight race. Kostick collected 687 votes to Woodland’s 655.

“It was an incredibly close vote and a great turnout,” Kostick said Wednesday morning. “I really appreciated the race. It was a very good experience meeting people in Eagle I didn’t know before.

“It was a good experience serving with Ed Woodland for four years. I appreciated serving with him,” Kostick said. “The thing I am most looking forward to is that I ran on a platform of bring this community together. People are optimistic about Eagle and I am, too.”

During the recent town board deliberations regarding the controversial Eagle River Station commercial/residential project, Kostick was the sole vote against the proposal. He cited development of an economic plan, working to keep existing business in town and preserve and enhance Eagle’s sense of place and community as his top priorities.

In the town board race, there were no incumbents on the ballot and the voters elected Brandi Resa (714 votes), Anne McKibben (653 votes) and Joe Knabel (595 votes).

“Thanks to the citizens of Eagle for putting their faith in me to serve our community and to everyone who voted,” Resa said Wednesday morning. “I look forward to working with the new mayor and all of the trustees for the next four years.”

During the campaign, Resa, an outspoken opponent of the Eagle River Station project, cited her desire to increase the transparency of town government. She cited building town revenues, making business owners and citizens feel their voice matters and identifying a long-term plan for infrastructure improvements as her top three priorities.

“I appreciate the confidence and trust placed in me by the voters of Eagle and extend congratulations to fellow new trustees Joe Knabel and Brandi Resa, and Mayor Yuri Kostick. I look forward to working for the interests of our town,” said McKibben. “I think the new town board brings a lot of passion to the job, and the results of this election have suggested a bit of a turn in attitude by the voters. I am excited to be a part of how this will play out over the coming term.”

McKibben, the current chair of the Eagle Planning and Zoning Commission, voiced support for the Eagle River Station plan during the campaign. McKibben cited managing the town’s budget, improving the U.S. Highway 6 corridor, and working with downtown property owners and merchants to help maintain the community’s viability as top priorities.

“I’m proud to have the opportunity to serve as a trustee for the town of Eagle,” said Knabel. “I want to thank the voters for their support in what was a very close and tough race.”

Knabel, also an Eagle River Station supporter and member of the Eagle Planning and Zoning Commission, cited that promoting growth and infill development and the selection of Eagle’s next town manager as top priorities for the new town board.

There were 1,355 ballots cast in Tuesday’s election and it was a late night for candidates. Final results were not announced until after 1:30 a.m.

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