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Eagle: Woman hurls pretzels, golf club

Dustin Racioppi
Eagle, CO Colorado

EAGLE “-An Eagle, Colorado man escaped a potentially dangerous encounter with a hurling golf club thrown by his wife last week after he failed to take her to the bus stop for work.

Police had arrived at the couple’s Eagle home after receiving a hang-up 911 call. A woman answered the door and told police she dialed 911, but was just kidding. Police asked to take a look at the residence, which the woman allowed, but prefaced their entrance by saying she “made a little bit of a mess” when she got mad at her husband for not getting up to take her to work.

She went on to tell police, amid the pretzel chip-littered living room, that she went to wake up her husband to take her to the bus stop but he wouldn’t get up. She said she thought he was hiding from her.

So she started yelling and throwing pretzel chips around the home, the sheriff’s report says.

According her husband, who police said fled to Vail that morning in order to escape his raving wife, she did more than just throw a few chips on the floor.

He said she must have thought he was ignoring her when she went to wake him up, and then started throwing things around and yelling at him. When he left the home, she started screaming that she was going to kill him, he said in the report. She did manage to scratch him on the right arm and threw a golf club at him as he fled down the stairs, but missed.

He didn’t file any charges against his wife, though he did say in the incident report that “she must have anger issues.”

Police charged her with harassment and domestic violence.

EDWARDS ” After receiving two reports of a red truck driving erratically through Edwards, police from the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office tracked down a 30-year-old man who was just a tad inebriated.

When police pulled over the man at the intersection of Bull Run and Highway 6 last Monday night, they said the truck smelled like alcohol, the driver’s eyes were bloodshot and his speech was slurred.

When they saw an open Corona bottle in the Chevy truck, police asked the man to step out and walk in a straight line. He walked the line, but only with the help of the truck keeping him upright, police records show. The driver blew a .3 into the police’s portable breathalyzer.

A further search into the truck revealed another open Corona, and the man was sent to Vail Valley Medical Center to have his blood drawn. He was then taken to Eagle County Detention Facility for fingerprinting and was summonsed for DUI, false reporting impeding traffic, open container and driving without a valid OLN.

When the results of the man’s blood test are returned, police said they will amend the charges and complete a notice of revocation.

EDWARDS ” Because a local gas station clerk wasn’t able to accurately identify a man and his car, police have little to work with in catching an alleged gas thief.

Sheriff’s reports show that a man pulled up to the Shell gas station Oct. 7 on Edwards Access Road, and after an unsuccessful attempt to swipe his credit or debit card into the machine, drove off with $34 worth of gas. Police said the attendant authorized the sale after the man pushed the button on the pump to pay inside.

The report said the clerk figured the man would come in to pay after pumping the gas into his blue Jeep. But that’s where the details end.

The clerk never got a good look at the man or his Jeep, unsure whether it was a two-door or four-door, police said.

Dustin Racioppi can be reached at (970)748-2936 or dracioppi@vaildaily.com.

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