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Eagler River Fire goes above and beyond

Greg Finch
Edwards, CO, Colorado

A short while ago, my house in Red Sky Ranch was hit by lightning.

The lightning started a fire and somewhere between a third and a half of the house was badly damaged.

That will be my nightmare for the next few months, but before the memory gets too blurred I wanted to say how lucky we are to have the fire department that we do.

They were at the house in about 10 minutes after getting the alarm. Within minutes of arrival they were suited up with air tanks and axes. And not long after, they called for water.

It’s not a pretty thing watching an 8 -inch water hose go in your front door. This part is all about fighting the fire” that is what they do.

But here is what is so special. The chief, Charlie Moore, walks out to tell me that there is significant damage to the house. Not a surprise to me at that point. But then he asks how we are doing. The “we” is me and my golden retriever.

Trying to be brave, I tell him that I am OK, but Brooke is having a bad day. We left the house in a kind of a hurry so she didn’t get breakfast.

Charlie turns around, gets into his gear, goes into the house and comes back with her dog chow and a bowl. Not exactly in the program book, I would guess.

An hour later, the fire is out and Lt. Andy Udoff offers to show me the damage.

First thing I notice is that they have hauled out most of the furniture before it could get damaged by water. Is that in the book?

And then he asked if there is anything else he could do for me. I mentioned that all my clothes were now in the condemned part of the house ” condemned because the floors were burnt out. Next thing I know he has a bucket brigade set up and they are handing my clothes out one stack at a time. That strikes me as way beyond the call of duty.

It is obvious to me that these guys see this not just as putting out a fire, but helping a customer, a neighbor, a friend.

Next time you walk by a firefighter who is asking for spare change in the boot, please remember my story.

Greg Finch


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