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Eagle’s Alchemize Studios and Zealous Schools offer creative writing courses

The six-week workshop will focus on idintifying good writing, managing writer's block and self-doubt, strengthen writing voice and self-confidence, experiment with genre and form and idenifying strategies to harness creativity.
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EAGLE — Zealous Schools, a new micro-school in Eagle, is partnering with Alchemize Studios to offer a six-week creative writing workshop series for community members throughout the Vail Valley.

Join professional writer and editor Laura Newcomer for this creative writing program — no experience is needed — during which you’ll:

• Identify what actually makes for “good” writing (and realize you’re completely capable of writing well).

• Learn to manage writer’s block and self-doubt so you can build a lasting relationship with your own creativity.

• Strengthen your writing voice and gain self-confidence as a writer.

• Experiment with genre and form.

• Learn practical strategies to get your creative juices flowing.

Weekly Practice

Each week, participants practice writing creatively and break down a critical aspect of writing and living a creative life:

• Week one: What Is Good Writing?

• Week two: Managing Writer’s Block and Self-Doubt.

• Week three: Defining Your Voice.

• Week four: Sparking Creativity.

• Week five: Experimenting with Genre and Form.

• Week six: Peer Workshop.

If the phrase “peer workshop” strikes terror into your heart, this course is exactly where you need to be. Organizers promise to make this “approximately as painless as cuddling with a pile of puppies.”

Research finds creative writing is a powerful tool for:

• Clarifying thoughts and feelings.

• Building self-confidence.

• Managing stress and anxiety.

• Cultivating mindfulness.

The seminars will be held at Zealous Schools, 1160 Capitol St. in Eagle. Sessions run from 5 to 7 p.m. beginning Thursday, Oct. 25. There won’t be a session on Thanksgiving.

For more information, go to AlchemizeStudios.com/workshops or email Hello@AlchemizeStudios.com.

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