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Eagle’s Back Bowl hosts comedian Todd Johnson at Comedy Night

The Back Bowl in Eagle added a special spring comedy show to its calendar. Comedian Todd Johnson returns to the stagefor the first time in two years. Comic Matt Monroe opens.
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If You Go

What: Comedy Night at the Bowlmor

When: 8 p.m. Saturday

Where: Back Bowl’s Bowmor café in Eagle

Cost: $15 advance, $18 at the door

Information: Contact the Bowlmor Lounge at the Back Bowl at 328-BOWL, or go to http://www.thebackbowl.com

Life is a target-rich environment if you’re comedian Todd Johnson.

“I already know I look like that little boy from ‘Up,’ so that’s enough of that,” Johnson said. “I’m Russell.”

Johnson returns to the Bowlmor Cafe as Eagle’s Back Bowl hosts Comedy Night tonight. Matt Monroe will open the show. The hilarity ensues at 8 p.m.

Johnson is a big guy with a big perspective.

“I’m the designated driver. I don’t like to drink and if I fall down, nobody can pick me up off the floor,” he said.

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Johnson is proof that you can get there from here. He started in Idaho, refining his act for just about anyone who would sit still long enough for him to get to the punchline, and they come at the speed of laughs.

There was the time he bought a used car and the horn sounded when he turned left. When a cop pulled him over, Johnson pretended he was deaf. Turns out the cop knew sign language and Johnson did not.

He’s a pretty regular guy who completely understands that shopping malls are the repositories of all things evil in western civilization.

And that guys will always end up holding the purse.

“When men get dragged to a mall we want to get in and get out,” Johnson said. “You want to walk us in there and walk us around until we get pissed. That’s why guys built benches in the middle of the mall, so we’d have a place to sit and be pissed.”

Guys in malls gather in bench-sitting, purse-holding herds.

“We’ll tell women, ‘Yeah I still have your purse. I didn’t have one when I was single,’” Johnson said.

Guys will look at other guys and say, “Hey dude, nice purse,” Johnson observed.

Then we’ll look more closely at the purse and exclaim, “Is that Gucci? Dude, you’re gonna be here all damn day!”

Johnson took the stage for the first time more than a decade ago on a dare from some friends, and has become one of Denver’s top comics. It has been two years since he performed at The Bowlmor.

“So, we’re pretty excited we could get him again,” said owner Joe Gonzalez. “That was actually one of the motivating factors for adding this spring show.”

Johnson has appeared at the prestigious Aspen Comedy Festival, Atlanta’s popular Laughing Skull Festival and was a finalist at the iconic Seattle International Comedy Competition.

Opening act Matt Monroe was born in Philadelphia, lives in Denver, and performs in clubs and festivals all around the country.

When he’s not on the road, Monroe hosts and produces “Propaganda!” a monthly show in Denver, which won this past year’s Denver Westword Award for Best Comedy Night.

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