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Eagle’s Colorado Workspace is a place to do business and build community

Colorado Workspace in Eagle is about more than just a place to work. Managers host free-beer Fridays every week, as well as occasional mixers and lunches.
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About the Workspace

Where: Eagle Ranch, in the Dusty Boot Building.

Rates: Range from $1,250 a month for an “executive office” to $99 per month for a “nomad” membership.

What that includes: Access to printers and Wi-Fi. There’s also a kitchen and lounge.

More information: Go to coloradoworkspace.com" target="_blank">class="Hyperlink">coloradoworkspace.com.

EAGLE — Robin Olsen needed an office. She found a community.

Olsen and her family moved to Eagle from Denver in January. She’s able to work remotely — she’s the sole proprietor of Honey Communications, a public relations company — but working out of a bedroom in the family home “got real isolating, real fast,” she said.

Olsen had used a co-working space when she lived in Denver and soon discovered the Colorado Workspace, a co-working space above and next door to The Dusty Boot Roadhouse in Eagle Ranch.

Olsen discovered the space thanks to the folks at Rever, a motorcycle ride-tracking app that rents the most office space in the complex. One of the Rever guys has a son on the local BMX team. So does Olsen.

These days, Olsen comes to the space three or four days a week. Living close by in Eagle Ranch, Olsen is able to walk to the office and walk to a yoga class.

“I saw a mom at a BMX race, and then I saw her here,” Olsen said.

Coming to Colorado Workspace has been a big part of the Olsen family’s move to Eagle.

Finding new connections

It can be hard making connections when moving to a new town, Olsen said. Coming into the Colorado Workspace community has helped create new connections in a short time.

While Olsen mostly roams around the workspace, there’s office and conference space available when clients come to town.

Arrangements with other co-working spaces also allow Olsen to stop in if she has to go to Denver.

Laura Newcomer is also a recent client at Colorado Workspace, and another nomad.

Newcomer, another “solopreneur,” runs Alchemize Studios. Newcomer is a writer and this fall is running a pair of workshops, one for women entrepreneurs and another for creative writing.

Newcomer said when she approached space manager Lonnie Leto about holding the entrepreneurs’ seminars at the space, his answer was immediate: “Yes, let’s do it.”

It’s Leto’s job to promote the space, but he’s also a believer in the concept of an entrepreneurial community.

He’s quick to point out prices and available space remaining — just six of the available 25 offices. He’s also quick to note there’s conference space and access to Wi-Fi and printers. Office space is available on a month-to-month basis, although there are clients on annual leases.

While there’s a good bit of individual space, Rever has a lock on three of them.

Kat Conner, a freelance designer for both Rever and Colorado Workspace, moved with her husband and kids from California not quite three years ago. Conner said the move to Eagle, and into the Workspace, has been a good one.

Everybody knows everybody

Everybody in the Workspace knows everyone else, and the folks with kids are all within walking distance of Brush Creek Elementary School.

“When the kids get out, we can see it from the office,” Conner said.

The former general manager of the Dusty Boot Roadhouse, Leto also serves as a kind of social director for the space.

Clients are invited to free beer Fridays, and on a recent visit, Colorado Workspace bought lunch for its clients. People took a break from their business and chatted about a little bit of everything before going back to work.

Newcomer has only been a nomad for about a month, but has used co-working spaces elsewhere, particularly in New York City. The space in Eagle has the same kind of dynamic she found in those big-city spaces, Newcomer said.

That spirit comes straight from the management team, Newcomer said.

“They’re really committed to building a community,” Newcomer said. “That attitude permeates the place.”

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