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Eagle’s new strategic plan lists 14 objectives for the next five years

EAGLE — There’s a lot going on in the town of Eagle these days — a new town manager search, construction of a new playground at Eagle Town Park and final design for the Eagle River Park are simply three examples.

As the town works on these concrete projects, leaders have also launched a more conceptual effort by drafting a new strategic plan for the community.

“The strategic plan has been prepared for the citizens of Eagle by the employees of the town in collaboration with the Board of Trustees,” notes the plan introduction. This format differs from other town plans. For example, the Eagle Area Community Plan, the town’s land use master plan, was developed by a special committee that included community members, town staff and town board members. But, as they noted earlier this summer, the town board isn’t reaching out to the community to develop its strategic plan. As Eagle Mayor Anne McKibbin noted during an August discussion of the plan, the public will be involved in the implementation of the plan, but not involved in determining the various objectives

Fourteen priorities

“The strategic plan has been prepared for the citizens of Eagle by the employees of the town in collaboration with the Board of Trustees.”Eagle Strategic Plan

The Eagle strategic plan establishes a five-year planning horizon and identifies major challenges and opportunities for the community. After consideration, the town has established 14 strategic plan objectives:

• Develop a long-term vision for Eagle.

• Enhance the financial health of the town.

• Build the Lower Basin Water Treatment Plant and enhance water management.

• Develop the Eagle River Park project and maximize economic benefits.

• Stimulate economic vitality and development.

• Invest in public safety to respond to evolving community needs.

• Implement priority infrastructure improvements.

• Improve housing availability and affordability.

• Continue investing in outdoor activities, recreation and open space.

• Address essential planning and land use challenges.

• Enhance the town’s communications and build Eagle’s brand.

• Initiate and maintain a community building effort.

• Improve town organization, culture and workforce effectiveness.

• Consider implementing home rule.

Plans within the plan

Along with defining the objectives, the 19-page plan includes background information, challenge and opportunity information and solutions for each of them. The plan also includes proposed timing for the objectives.

For objective No. 1 — develop a long-term vision for Eagle — the background information notes “Eagle is a community with a variety of natural and developed assets, including its location on Interstate 70, proximity to world-class ski resorts and the regional airport and access to multiple outdoor activities. These assets are strong in caparison to many other communities, which means that the town has a clear advantage in determining future quality of life.”

Under challenges and opportunities, the plan states “Even though Eagle’s assets are strong, the town needs to have a vision for the future and a plan for realizing this future. This vision, or vivid description of the future, is the basis for sound planning, policy decisions and investments.”

Solutions for these objectives include collaboration with staff, town board members and the community to develop and maintain a “vivid description of Eagle 15 years from now that addresses key issues.” Those issues include population growth to approximately 10,000 residents, community culture, economic vitality, infrastructure quality, the look and feel of the community, transportation, housing availability and affordability, quality of town services and communication and community engagement.

Final review

The Eagle Town Board plans to have a final review of the strategic plan at Tuesday’s meeting. At that time, members of the public can offer comment, and following adoption of the plan, the town plans outreach to the community.

“This is a big deal. It’s going to be our guiding document,” McKibbin said.

The latest draft of the strategic plan can be found at http://www.townofeagle.org/460/agendas- minutes-packets under the “08/22/2017” tab.

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