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East Coast storm hits Vail Valley travelers

EAGLE COUNTY, Colorado – As places to be stranded go, it’s hard to beat the Vail Valley. Still, a number of visitors are trying to find ways to get home, while others are trying to get to their ski vacations.

As of mid-day Monday, there were only three canceled flights on a website showing flight schedules into and out of Eagle County Regional Airport. Those flights were into and out of Newark, N.J., and New York. But a few flights had been canceled on Sunday and Monday, leaving travelers scrambling for a way back home.

“I’ve talked to client who had flights canceled and can’t get another one for days,” Green Limousine owner Seth Bounds said. “I’ve got other guests trying to get in who can’t get a flight. They’re going to miss half their vacations.”

Bounds said one client called Monday to say they were going to drive from New York to Montreal, then catch a flight to Denver from there.

The difficulty in catching a flight back east from Eagle County’s airport is simple – it’s hard to catch another flight with planes already mostly or fully booked.

While people flying commercial have had their plans complicated, the story is different for those flying in on private jets.

Paul Gordon, general manager of the Vail Valley Jet Center – which provides fuel and other services to the private-jet set – said his clients haven’t been as affected by the storm that has crippled travel to much of the East Coast.

“They generally watch the weather and traffic closely,” Gordon said. “They’ll just adjust their plans.

“It’s definitely affected our business somewhat,” Gordon added, “but you wouldn’t know it by looking at the planes out there now.”

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