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East Vail couple irked about stolen skis

Scott N. Miller
Preston Utley/Vail Daily Helen Mattison stands on a path in her home in East Vail where skiers cut through to get to a bus stop. Mattison had a pair of skis to protect the little tree at left, but they were stolen Tuesday.

VAIL – It’s a little harder for Bill and Helen Mattison to be courteous this week.The Mattisons live in East Vail at the outlet of Marvin’s Bowl. For as long as the Mattisons have lived there, they’ve allowed skiers coming out of the out-of-bounds bowl to come through their yard on the way to a nearby bus stop.They’ve done this, Bill Mattison said, even while several of their neighbors have closed off their yards.”It’s a ski area,” he said. “We thought we were being friendly.”

But the Mattisons were feeling a lot less friendly after Tuesday.The couple last year had put an old pair of skis in the yard to protect a pair of trees friends had planted in honor of the birth of the couple’s twins. Tuesday, someone skiing through took them.”The trees are fine,” Mattison said. “But it’s BS. We don’t have to let people ski through our yard.”What’s more galling is that whoever did yank the skis out of the ground probably had help. “People don’t ski alone through there,” Mattison said.

The point isn’t that these were good skis. They weren’t. They had decent bindings, though, which Mattison, a member of the Vail Ski Patrol, wanted to keep. The point, both Mattisons said, is that someone showed a glaring lack of respect.”I was upset,” Helen said. “It’s too bad someone would do this.”The Mattisons plan to keep their yard available for ski-throughs, at least for now. But Bill would like to have a word or two with whoever took the old skis.”If he wants to make amends, I suppose I could use my roof shoveled,” he said. “It’s just kind of shocking. It was like this all last year and nobody bothered them.”

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