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Easy call between road, scholars

Don Rogers

Schools or roads? What do you think?In this musty, fussy, sometimes unpopular corner, well, we’re all for more potholes on I-70. And better pay for teachers. T-Rex along the Front Range might be sucking dollars that could go to the mountain expressway, sure. And the tug of war over Referendum C money may well delay highway projects. (One can only hope!)Today’s “terrible” road conditions don’t stop an overwhelming horde of weekend visitors from drving to the mountain towns. They don’t stop every trucking company in America from busting their trucks through here.They don’t dampen the population and building boom.The Forest Service can’t handle the traffic to the White River National Forest as it is, and we’re supposed to make it easier to get here? Their masters in Washington, D.C., can’t even figure out that letting the bug infestation killing millions and millions of acres of trees in the West will wind up costing them many times more when Mother Nature turns to hot fury to clean up that mess.Seriously, save the road money. It’s too easy to get up here as it is. Motorists can still drive just as fast as the State Patrol will let them except for a few weekend hours in peak months. But the schools can use better funding. Yes, we understand that includes more pressure on performance. Bring that on, always, even with the little insurgencies against progress that holds educators accountable for their work.Vail, Colorado

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