Eclectic mix at campaign kick-off |

Eclectic mix at campaign kick-off

Don Rogers

The re-election kick-off party Monday evening at Agave in Avon for Eagle County Commissioner Arn Menconi was notable for its mix of Democrats, Republicans and independents.

One wag joked that Menconi’s brightest move was having a Republican as campaign treasurer. Stan Cope said he’d give it his all.

It was a bit of an indictment of the local Republicans that as many GOPers have strayed over to Menconi’s camp. Menconi, of course, has been Republican Commissioner Tom Stone’s favorite political target these past few years. Stone’s wife, Henri, chaired the local branch of the party until a little over a year ago as she become more active in the Republican Party at a more regional level.

The event Monday also attracted the Democratic candidates for state House and state Senate – Gary Lindstrom and jay Fetcher – along with U.S. Rep. Mark Udall’s area representative. Notable among the local Dems for her absence was Eagle County Party chair Deb Marquez.

The turnout was strong, bipartisan and enthusiastic. It also was a bit of a challenge to the local political party establishments, given the crossover Republican attendance and the presence of the party at a Mexican restaurant not named Fiesta’s.

Fickle court

Sorry, Michael, the state Supreme Court changed its mind and won’t entertain oral arguments over the constitutionality of the school district’s cost of living election question after all. Instead the justices will settle the question on the paper records.

When is anyone’s guess. But we’ll miss the grand theater of Cacioppo lecturing the state’s highest court.

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