Economic report: Gypsum is on rise |

Economic report: Gypsum is on rise

GYPSUM — According to the latest economic report from the Vail Valley Partnership, things are looking good in the town of Gypsum.

Gypsum Mayor Steve Carver agrees with that sentiment.

“Things are looking up here. They are looking good in the town of Gypsum,” said Carver.

He noted so far this year, Gypsum’s sales tax revenues are climbing. “We also have a lot of building permits out,” said Carver.

“Things are looking up here. They are looking good in the town of Gypsum.”Steve CarverMayor of Gypsum

While the improved national economy is definitely part of that growth, Carver said Gypsum also does its part to boost economic growth.

“I think a lot of it has to do with how the town works with people and encourages people to come in an talk with us,” said Carver.

The report detailed the success of three recently launched residential projects along with noting seven new business starts this year. Additionally, it details a pair of town-led projects.

“The town is under way with a community engagement effort to gather the future vision and brand of Gypsum,” the report states, in a section titled “Update to town of Gypsum master planning.”

“A large component of this project includes the creation of a ‘downtown’ for Gypsum where businesses and residents can come together and create a unique experience for shopping, eating and socialization,” the report states. “The plans will also include specific economic development goals and strategies to strengthen the town’s business community.”

In that vein, the report details Gypsum’s Economic Development Grant Program. The program — which provides financial assistance to local business for location improvements, expansion, start-ups, advertising and signs — is marking its fourth year. The town will award $60,000 to 10 local businesses this year.

Residential development

The Vail Valley Partnership report detailed three residential projects that have gained traction in Gypsum.

Habitat for Humanity plans construction of six more residential units in the Stratton Flats neighborhood. That will bring a total of 40 Habitat homes to the community.

Hawk’s Nest is a duplex project located in the Buckhorn Valley subdivision. The first phase of the project brought 22 duplex properties to the market and the developer has completed infrastructure for the second phase. That phase will feature an additional 22 units. At full build out Hawk’s Nest will feature 60 twin homes with two different floor plans.

The Villas at Cotton Ranch has also launched its first phase, which includes 14 duplex and triplex unites. The total subdivision plan calls for 72 units.

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