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Editor and Publisher Don Rogers: Blessings from a higher vantage

Don Rogers
Vail, CO, Colorado

Yeah, I know. A column about gratitude is out of sync with the season. I should be thinking about resolutions and predictions and such. (It’s even a little late for that.)

I should be vowing to become a better person, a more prolific worker, all that. At least to not be quite as stupid as I was last year. To have learned some lessons.

Instead I’m so two months ago, feeling warm and grateful for the blessings of the year, lucky to live here and not the Afghanistan and western Pakistan I’ve been reading about lately in some weird fascination with the opposite end of the world from us. In all ways.

I’m thankful for not succumbing (yet) to that plague of old age, wherein the elders decide that unequivicably we’re now riding in the handbasket to hell, taking our turn since humans captured fire to decry the state of the world, the next generation’s lack of morals or virtues, the end of the good old days – quite forgetting that they only were our good old days, while the elders of the time moaned about us.

I’m a middle-of-the-pack baby boomer, scum of the Earth in our turn. Now we dare complain about millennials? Listen, we were exactly what some of us complain they are now.

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That is, young. I think we’re just jealous. For my part, if I can’t be young, well, I can at least be immature.

But tell me, do you see yourself as young or old? This becomes a more important question as the years pass.

The more common answer in this valley is in large part why I live here.

Dick Hauserman, one of Vail’s pioneers, died decidedly young at 93 back in 2009. I know because when he was around 90, I remember sitting with him and Scott Carpenter at a Vail Farmers Market for awhile as they peddled their books.

Here I was with two greats in their own ways. Wanna know what they were talking about? The beautiful gals walking by and talking to them. Don’t creep out, ladies, but 18 to 80, a full and growing field to these old goats.

So tell me, are you going to spend your time moaning about golden days gone by, the sure end of the world around the next corner?

Or go skiing?

This is not a silly, insubstantial question. You can understand a problem without being part of it. You can also decide to notice the beauty all around us. Vail’s still young.

We have plenty of problems, but even more potential. I’m grateful to live in a place that lends perspective above the bitter prophesies of doom.

They’re just old.

Editor and Publisher Don Rogers can be reached at drogers@vaildaily.com or 970-748-2920.

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