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Editor and Publisher Don Rogers: Dems take the convention contest

Don Rogers
Vail, CO, Colorado

Accounting for Mitt Romney’s “the iceman thawed” acceptance speech, the Democrats have crushed the Republicans in the battle of the conventions.

I declare this while writing before President Obama took the stage Thursday night.

Of course, winning the tightly scripted conventions is the least of the contests in the final sprint of the campaigns. Who cares, really?

The debates will matter much more, the audiences for them now including actual voters trying to make up their minds. The conventions are about the true believers — both the ones in your party hanging on every word as if gospel, and the other side picking at every promising morsel of a mistake.

The unemployment rate on election day will matter even more than that.

Still, I thought Bill Clinton, while warbling well past his allotted time, was masterful, maybe even game-changing. His line “We believe that ‘We’re all in this together’ is a far better philosophy than ‘You’re on your own'” may well become the catchline the Obama campaign has been lacking.

Clinton was scheduled to speak for 28 minutes, but only partisan critics complained that he went on too long at 48 minutes. His audience was riveted throughout, and those minutes passed like that. (I’m snapping my fingers.)

Contrast that with the wincing and pain as Clint Eastwood went off script and doubled his allotted time in a rambling conversation with an empty chair that was supposed to be President Obama. Assuredly, it seemed forever even to the faithful.

As far as the fact-checking, we all should know by now that partisan assertions all contain grains of truth and chunks of utter nonsense. Neither party is immune, and sadly, neither can be fully trusted.

I’m glad to see some stirring of the rather somnolent Democrats back to life as passion for the tea party cools with recognition that some of these folks are, well, pretty nuts generally.

So now, with the passing of the largely ceremonial borefests of conventions, the preliminaries have finished and we’re into the final sprint to choosing a president, along with a lot of other minor offices that are just as important.

As a registered though ambivalent Republican considering my choices (I tipped to W. twice), I’m mindful of Senate Majority Leader McConnell’s chief aim to make sure the president’s term lasts just one term. No matter the damage to America to achieve this. Clinton reminded me.

It may be that the dueling conventions will influence my vote, after all.

Editor and Publisher Don Rogers can be reached at drogers@vaildaily.com or 970-748-2920.

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