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Editor and Publisher Don Rogers: The season we’ve been waiting for

Don Rogers
Vail, CO, Colorado

Think snow. Everything else is in place.

The ski hills are open. Vail’s 50th anniversary is around the corner.

Thankfully, the election is receding fast. Any day now, the old grumps will move on from the doomsaying that greets any Democratic victory and the threats to move to Canada when the Republicans prevail.

Sure, there remain the fiscal cliff, Greece, unemployment. The world is in the usual mess in the usual places, of course.

But real estate is beginning to recover nationally and here, too. Our visitor economy has been coming back these past couple of years. Sales tax revenue now is genuinely growing everywhere, including Avon after a sluggish first half of this year, and there’s more hope for them following their Town Council’s decision to take a bad deal with the Village at Avon over something even worse.

Besides the feast and family time, Thanksgiving can’t help but nudge us to think about why we should be grateful.

Consider the infinitesimal odds that your spark of life should inhabit your body and not a grub or mouse or gull. Beyond that, think about how the odds of you being here now, reading this, make you fortunate beyond compare, whether lounging in your second home in Beaver Creek or apartment you share with five roommates you almost know.

We live in or are able to visit a remarkable place in remarkable times. Whatever our problems, whatever our finances, the very poorest among us lives well, ensconced in the true 1 percent.

Still, a snowless Thanksgiving (and most are) can’t help but cook up this weird brew of gratitude and a first jolt of true anxiousness about ski season.

This was how it was in the beginning, those pioneers awaiting Vail’s first season with less snow on the ground than today. Things turned out all right then. They will this season, too. Yes, that’s a mantra until the snow actually does fly.

Call it the icing on a cake that’s well-prepared. Vail Resorts has taken great care of Vail Mountain – superb grooming made Vail shine last season and most recently with Gondola One rising out of the village. The town hasn’t been far behind. The events celebrating North America’s premier ski resort’s 50th anniversary will only help. And albeit in sputters and starts, the background economy continues to gain health.

Oh, one more thought. Last ski season, even with its good early start, turned out to have the least snow ever in Vail’s history. And business was better than ever.

Yes, everything is in place for a great and memorable year.

Think snow.

Editor and Publisher Don Rogers can be reached at drogers@vaildaily.com or 970-748-2920.

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