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Editorial: Beaver Creek’s parking peril

Matt Zalaznick
Vail Daily Editorial Board

The parking situation along U.S. Highway 6 on busy Beaver Creek ski days is

the opposite of safe.

With shoulders narrowed by snow, buses sliding into oncoming traffic, pedestrians on both sides of the road and locals speeding to the supermarket, it seems only a matter of time before something bad happens to one of those skiers dragging their ski boots out of their trunk.

On recent Saturdays, cars have been parked in a cramped line that runs from Avon half-way to Arrowhead.

So who bears the responsibility for addressing the situation? Vail Resorts and/or Beaver Creek Resort Company benefit a good deal from this arrangement. They get all the skiers up on their mountain while the actual urban impact takes place a few miles away on the valley floor. But Avon, the county and the Colorado Department of Transportation also need to be involved in a solution.

We’re not going to set a cap on the number skiers. As everyone knows, they’re the economic engine, oxygen supply, lifeblood, backbone, etc. of the valley. So we’ve got to find them places to park where they’re not in danger of getting creamed by a station wagon zooming to the Avon Recreation Center.

Beaver Creek seems to have plenty of room for garages on its two lots. Yes, they’re expensive, but by all accounts the ski company’s doing pretty well. And it would be in the interest of Avon and Eagle County to help out ” perhaps not financially, but by dealing with some of the surrounding impacts, such as widening or otherwise improving Highway 6 between Avon and Edwards.

And garages might solve another problem ” you could probably put ski lifts right on top of them. Or affordable apartments.

The only solution that doesn’t make any sense is allowing the situation to continue as-is.

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