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Editorial: Big shoes to fill in Vail

Scott N. Miller for the Editorial Board
Vail CO, Colorado

Like her or not ” and there are plenty of people in both camps ” Kaye Ferry has left a mark on Vail.

For those who don’t follow the nits and picks of Vail’s town government or the inner workings of its business community, Ferry may be best known as the author of a Vail Daily column in which she often goes into great detail about the above.

For those who do follow Vail with a magnifying glass, though, Ferry’s fingerprints are nearly everywhere. Fearing that Vail might get short shrift in any organization that tries to work for all the valley’s businesses, she was a leading figure in creating a Vail-only organization. She ran that organization, mostly as a volunteer, for 18 years before resigning last week.

Did Ferry really call Front Range skiers “riffraff” in an Internet article? She says she didn’t, the reporter who wrote the story says she did.

Did the comment lead to her resignation? She says no, and so do people who know her. But the timing is, at the very least, a towering coincidence.

But no matter. Ferry has accomplished a lot for the local business community, and she deserves the thanks of those in that community for helping launch programs ranging from the relatively new barbecue festival to important changes in the town’s sign codes and parking regulations.

Ferry will still be a regular at Vail Town Council meetings, and has said her newspaper columns may become even more blunt.

Look out, Vail, she’s not going anywhere.

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