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Editorial: Broken partnership

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail CO, Colorado

Few in the community really know what’s behind the break-up between the Eagle County Animal Shelter and the Eagle Valley Humane Society.

According to county officials, there was a dispute over how shelter animals should be cared for and fed. According to humane society officials, the county’s staff exercised questionable judgement in a few animal cases.

In the midst of this finger-pointing is the community’s speculation over what may have happened to prompt the county commissioners to boot the humane society out.

We’re not here to pick sides. Situations like these are rarely black and white.

What’s clear is that the partnership between the two over the years helped hundreds of orphan pets find loving homes, and without that partnership, the welfare of a lot of animals could be in jeopardy.

Because Eagle Countians do care so much for our dogs and cats ” and snakes and birds and horses and rabbits ” it’s in the community’s best interest if the county shelter and the humane society find a way to work together again. Without that partnership, the shelter lacks the volunteer support it needs to take in so many of the county’s abandoned animals. And the humane society needs a home to do its work.

We hope both sides can come together, make some compromises and mend the relationship. We urge our county commissioners, as our elected leaders, to use their influence to get both sides talking again ” even if it takes an outside mediator.

Eagle County’s critters are counting on it.

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