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Editorial: Clerks know Colorado voting best

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail CO, Colorado

One of the biggest mistakes those in central governments make is not listening to people in the field.

The latest example comes from Denver, where Colorado Secretary of State Mike Coffman is doing some impressive dithering on the subject of the state’s electronic voting machines. After a pronouncement a couple of weeks ago that the machines in more than 50 of Colorado’s 63 counties aren’t reliable enough for a truly secure election ” Eagle County passed muster, by the way ” Coffman is now saying maybe there aren’t as many problems as his office initially thought, and maybe some of the affected counties could have their machines fairly easily re-approved in time for elections in August and November.

While Coffman ” who has proven himself a dedicated public servant in the Colorado Legislature ” waffles about electronic voting, he remains opposed to a plan by the state’s association of county clerks to hold an all-mail ballot this year.

While the Secretary of State’s office oversees Colorado’s elections, it’s our county clerks who actually have to run them. They find election judges and other temporary help, and the full-time employees of those offices put in a lot of overtime during election years.

We don’t know what happens in Coffman’s Denver office on Election Day, but we know the kind of hours that county clerks and their people put in to run the best elections they possibly can.

Mail voting isn’t used much in partisan elections ” at least not locally ” because having several weeks to ponder and then submit ballots does throw a monkey wrench into campaign plans.

A large part of the voting public still distrusts electronic voting. if people in this state who actually count ballots think a mail election will work this year, let’s do it, and give ourselves some time to build confidence in the electronic machines.

” Scott N. Miller for the Editorial Board

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