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Editorial: Congress still floundering

Matt Zalaznick
Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail, CO Colorado

The Democrats took over Congress, pledging to end the war in Iraq and find bold solutions to all sorts of other problems, foreign and domestic.

Quagmires. Climate change. Uninsured children. Corruption in Washington ” no 21st Century woe was too daunting not to make a campaign promise to conquer it.

So are the Democrats rallying the country behind an environmental movement or bringing the troops home or making sure every child can see a competent doctor?

Well, it’s investigating Roger Clemens.

No, Roger Clemens is not the new leader of al-Qaida in Iraq or some congressman from Kansas who took bribes from lobbyists or some greedy HMO executive. He’s a baseball player who has been accused of using drugs to improve his ability to pitch.

Yeah, cheating is sleazy and it’s a bad example to set for kids, but is cheating in baseball really worth Congress’s time when we’re losing one war and another is slipping away? Thanks for the stimulus package and all, but whether the planet is inhabitable for Roger Clemens’ grandchildren is more pressing an issue than whether the Rocket juiced his way to all those post-age-35 strikeouts.

Politicians are at their worst when they try glom onto headlines in an attempt to look like they’re looking out of for us. But does revealing Clemens to be a fraud do anything for Americans who are losing their jobs or military families who are losing their loved ones?

An American public is left suspecting that the Democrats in Congress either don’t have the guts or don’t have the ideas to tackle real problems.

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